Dear Uncle Paul Biya by Ifeanyi Dicksondean Uba

   On TV this Tuesday morning, saw the highlight “Cameroon’s president clocks 35 years in office”.
In Africa, It is no longer news that politics is an occupation and where it went all wrong is, it has become a family business i.e a particular family member holds a public office and at the end of the tenure he/she hands it down to his/ her family and it continues in that circle. The old politicians remains very active and relevant, the people you read about in the history books are still there in power. It may be one of their numerous reasons why history is no longer taught in our schools in Nigeria; but you think about this, a country without an history has no future and that’s doom.
Not to lose distraction, we’re talking about our dear Uncle Paul Biya. For christ sake, he’s 84 years old and has been In power since he was 49. It sadden me to glue in my own thoughts and i maybe forced to call it rad. I can’t just help to wonder what the Southern cameroonians have been through. At this time of democracy? Fortunately, I have cameroonian friends and have heard stories of how they’re been treated and religiously marginalized in the government. Well, if it were not my business, I would never I’ve written this. It is sad and painful how he rules with such dehumanizing attributes and carelessness.
I’m not French neither are mine a cameroorian but I’m African. President Paul should be called names but I am not going do that here. But know this, President Paul Biya of Cameroon is a murderer of Democracy. He has been In power since November 6, 1982 even before my parents thought about marriage and I don’t think he’d want to retire until he’s dead or turns #vegetable.
Hope this is translated to French so that it can get to him
God help us all in Africa

Ifeanyi D. Uba


Ifeanyi Uba

Ifeanyi D. Uba is the author of "Big Toes of greed" "Anselem" and "Holiday with the Tayo's Family"| Voice for the African Children.

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