No Love Lost amongst us by Ifeanyi D. Uba

Was somewhere in the ancient Kingdom of Benin city when someone, actually a woman said and I quote ” The Yorubas are saboteurs and the Igbos are very inconsistent” at that instance I wanted to ask her why she would said such. I actually did ask but was after few minutes, reasons why I delayed asking were;
I was new in that environment
Trying hard to know on how best to put the question
Wasn’t sure if I should ask questions
The funny thing was, after asking her the question everyone turned to my direction. The old woman stared at me for a moment before she answered me. Wouldn’t know why but I wasn’t scared even if I was Igbo and the youngest.
She didn’t go into details but she made me understood that:
The Igbos aren’t together, they are always fighting for “My own” just his self and the immediate family as dem go say all man for himself or OYO, meaning On Your Own.
While the Yorubas backbite and are untrustworthy, the Hausas can be trusted and they believe in brotherhood. She gave instances, about the war, how the past Northern Leaders came into power and our Buhari. They always project one candidate and it’s why they had always been in power even when we think and tag them “foolish” “They have that bond of brotherhood” she said, turned away and murmured.
What brought this talk was the FRSC, they were on the Benin/Onitsha high way with total blockade on both lanes after the Benin By-pass. These people are beginning to be a nuisance. They don’t do their primary assignments anymore but extort monies and park cars in the pretense of inspection. They have joined the “others” to collect bribes, what we’ve re-labelled “GIFTS”. See the stretch of cars that parked meters away by the road side waiting for they to go. These are people finding their daily bread for survival and yet they frustrate their businesses, same poor people like them they’re suppressing. My fear is that they the FRSC don’t become worst and what I understood about the poor is, They keep suppressing or fight their our own.
Ifeanyi D. Uba


Ifeanyi Uba

Ifeanyi D. Uba is the author of "Big Toes of greed" "Anselem" and "Holiday with the Tayo's Family"| Voice for the African Children.

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