WE ARE NOW by Ifeanyi D. Uba

The perennial task of every man is to remake his world. But the world literally belongs to the youth. The youth gives the hero (Leader) and the followers who change the world from age to age.
But it is an enigma that the youth does not remain young forever. He/she comes of age and is about to compromise with the world as it is. The youth of yesteryear engages theirselves in ‘useful’ works and forgets the ‘noble deeds’ which he did and dreamt of as a youth. Time flows. History moves on. The ‘gap’ yawns as ever.

Today’s youth is as restive, impatient with hypocrisy of the past and the dichotomy between precept and practice, and as stout a protagonist of recognition of his and others’ identities, as was the youth of the time when Christ was not but Socrates was and commented on the youths. Because of the fleeting nature of youth, the young plunge into action before they could afford to plan something to achieve a well-chosen aim which would remove the incongruities which appeared intolerable to them.
Many talks are been said about the youths, promises made to assist and build them but most times they are been tossed around like a naira coin and then I wonder what is the fate of the youths in Nigeria, Africa and beyond. What are their roles and how do they help to influence the Nation building and development?

One hot afternoon, I was held at a traffic along Holy Ghost road Ogbete market in Enugu, the capital of Enugu state; there you’ll see many beggars at the front of the Catholic Church, there too i saw some youths running businesses with great enthusiasm and strength calling on customers to buy their goods. Hardly had I drove down when I saw some fully abled youths begging for alms either sitting or laying on a dirt by the road sides and some just idling away their time. Some even had to wear rags to look miserable. It grieved me and then I thought maybe it’s not their fault not to have discovered who really they are and what they could do with their youthful lives. Go to the villages and see how some of the youths waste away their youthfulness-time on drinks, smokes, gossip, idle talks, fights and cultism. After all, they’ll say it’s the government. The government is blamed for virtually everything. It irritates and saddens my mind to see these brain powers waste way. I guess maybe, this is what prompted this writing. To reaching out to the millions of youths to tell them that “We are no longer the future, WE ARE NOW” the nation builder. This is the statement they the politicians make during campaigns and when they are sworn in into power; the talk changes. Have you noticed that those who makes such statements are the aged ones, mostly after their tenure is ended. God knows I’m tired of the repeated lullabies they sing to our ears. I am fed up and it is the time we move away from our comfort zone, break barriers and conquer.


Ifeanyi Uba

Ifeanyi D. Uba is the author of "Big Toes of greed" "Anselem" and "Holiday with the Tayo's Family"| Headblogger| Voice for the African Children.

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