Why Are The Mighty Fallen? RIP Oba Charles Oladele Ibitoye The Olomu of Omu Aran.

KABIESI OBA CHARLES OLÁDÉLÉ ÌBÍTÓYÈ ADÓGBAJÁLÈ II, from Ikoja Who ascended the throne in 1993 is gone with lot’s of legacies set on ground.
Oba Oladele’s Reign brought a lot of progress to the general people of Omu Aran and all other Nigerian, From The North to The South, From East to The West.
The Period Oba Oladele spent as The Olomu of Omu Aran. Great wealth, Prospects and Peaceful coexistence have existed within the people and its environ.
“The population of the community has doubled what it used to be. Good buildings, in terms of mansions and palaces, shopping complex and other business purpose buildings are the order of building constructions in the land today so many Primary and Secondary school’s in the city are now more than double of what it used to be”
The Community has an International Standard University Producing great scholars and creating employment opportunities for Nigerians.
Kabiesi You have exemplified yourself as a great leader in word’s and in action.
You have set standards for the Olomu Throne.
It is an understatement to say Omu Aran has developed and progressed at the time of Oba Charles Oladele Ibitoye Adogbajale II.
Words alone can not be used to express your humble sacrifice to the betterment of Omu Aran and the entire Igbomina/Ekiti as a whole.
Daddy We pray that the Spirit of the Lord continue to dwell with you and grant you eternal Rest.
Oba Charles Bo dorun kosorun re o.

Gbogbo wa la nse legbe leyin re o.

Mase Gbagbe Ilu to fisile.

Mase Gbagbe Ebi to fisile.

Mase Gbagbe Awon Omo to fisile
Bo dorun ko ki,
Olomu Aperan
Olomu Aga
Olomu Akin
Olomu Igan
Olomu Areyin
Olomu Ijawusi
Olomu Lodogbo
Olomu Sannganmoniju Ajibade
Olomu Ogiyan Adogbajale I
Olomu Eton
Olomu Ajayi (Saiji)
Olomu Aladodo/Pepeloriesin
Olomu Ewedunmoye
Olomu Obe
Olomu Akigbeniju
Olomu Onidaide
Olomu Odeyemi Alekunlogba
Olomu Ayanda Alakaka
Olomu Ajamu Lalofun Ogbo
Olomu Olarinde Abolarin
Olomu Asola Fakayode
Olomu Abegunde I
Olomu Arawande Momolosho
Olomu Durotoye Abegunde II
Kabiesi Sun Re o!!!
Omo Olomu Aperan
Omo onileola repete..
Daddy Continue To Rest In Peace.
We love you but God is our Creator,
He loves you more.
Oba Charles You are A Hero.
You are an epitome of Royalty worth emulating.
We The Youths are proud of you…

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