Problems the youth have today are very different and vast. Today we don’t know the horrors with which the youths of the past are facing. I find that one of the biggest problems of today’s youth living in environment where they live very well and are completely enjoying the comfort which parents have provided can steal motivation. It often times leads into laziness, marks in school can quickly fall due to high amount of pocket money, the money is spent headless, aspiration for bigger comfort can appear – for why would anyone try everything when one has everything?

The next big problems that I see are drugs. Drugs have spread so quickly that it’s actually strange when you don’t find a lot of rests of joints in the neighbourhood especially at the slums. As we know, today’s drug addict isn’t society outlay that lies in dirt beside the road. No, today’s drug addict is mostly youths, young boys and girls. There is also a crowd of fifteen-year-olds who are drinking cheap wine or brandy in the parks where earlier in the day children were playing. This habit doesn’t end quickly and in most cases it drags far in their twenties, in some cases it never ends. Don’t want to be a saint because I know the feeling of drinking a beer or two in days and warm summer nights very well, but (so called) culture of drinking that is being practiced by today’s youth misses the whole essence of drinking – to have a good time – and leads to throwing up, vandalism, not to mention filthy surroundings – empty bottles, plastic glasses, tins, butts – that is kept after that kind of drinking. There is nothing wrong with parties, they have, are, and will always exist, but there is something very wrong when a party turns out to be bare drinking or drug abusing.

I call the state of mind which I have noticed by many of my contemporaries. These youths see their greatest problem in marks at school. The girls who see their greatest problem in the fact that their sympathy is in love with their best friend. The boys who seek fights and they put their aggression on the weaker and then they brag in front of everyone. Both of them literally competing who drank more the night before. Then you try to say something intelligent to them and when you see the way they act you end up feeling the most stupid of them all. Then there is the other side, the ones who spend all of their days studying and sometimes it seems that they don’t really know why they study so much. That they will be successful in school. That they will be accepted in the college they want. That they will be successful once they grow up. What they don’t see is the basic pleasantness of their youth slipping through their fingers – the time in which you can be, if you can be at any time, (in the positive way, of course) relieved from worry.


Ifeanyi Uba

Ifeanyi D. Uba is the author of "Big Toes of greed" "Anselem" and "Holiday with the Tayo's Family"| Headblogger| Voice for the African Children.

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