Get to know a man with a Golden Heart.
              Otunba Adeyemi Kehinde

Otunba Adeyemi K hails from Ike-Bunu land in Kabba/Bunu Local Government Area of Kogi State. He Started his Primary Education in Kabba and later completed his Primary Education in Ilorin Kwara State. He proceeded to St Barnabas Secondary School Kabba, had his National Diploma and Higher National Diploma at the Kogi State Polytechnic Lokoja and Post Graduate Diploma(PGD) in Public Administration at National Open University Of Nigeria.
He was the youngest and the first Bunu man to lead the Okun Students Union in 2013/2014 at Kogi State Polytechnic Lokoja (KSP), Also double as the Director of Logistics National Association of Okun Students’ (National level).
Otunba Adeyemi observed is National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in the year 2014/2015 at Ubiaja Community Secondary School Esan South East of Edo State.
He is humble and cool headed to the core.
Otunba Adeyemi Kehinde is a Comrade who hates to see people been cheated or deprived of their legitimate rights.
He is a public Administrator in theory and practice as he manages the fastest growing Private Secondary School in Bunu Land. He is an entrepreneurial, an employer of labour and serving as Party Exco in his ward for Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)

Mr. Adeyemi is the Bunu Coordinator of National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) Kabba/Bunu Chapter of Kogi State.

Otunba Adeyemi Kehinde also called Olu-Okun has declared his intention to contest for the position of Kabba/Bunu Local Government Chairmanship in the next Local Government Election whenever the state government decides to conduct the Local Government Election in Kogi State.
He is a lover of good governance and always fair in his decision making when it comes to Public Interest..
As we all know if we decides to take back seat in governance we will end up been rule by mediocre.
Your support for Otunba Adeyemi Kehinde is a support for the youths and a support for the future. As we all know Youths, are the future of tomorrow.
Your Support for Otunba Adeyemi Kehinde is a support for the Voice of the Voiceless.
He has decided to take this bold step to make use of his experience as a Student leader, Ethnic leader and a trained Certified Public Administrator to serve the good people of KABBA/BUNU LGA.

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Ifeanyi Uba

Ifeanyi D. Uba is the author of "Big Toes of greed" "Anselem" and "Holiday with the Tayo's Family"| Headblogger| Voice for the African Children.

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